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Distributor required for electrical & gas safety device all over india
Rs 2.500
Location: Bhopal - Madhya Pradesh - India
Date Posted: 22 de Diciembre
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Price: Rs 2.500
Advertiser: Professional / Business
Distributors Required for Electrical Device & Gas Safety Device all over India for selling our products in your locality. You can earn handsome amount by not making any high investment. Our products are made in vision for comfort, luxury and safety for every household/individual.

Currently there are 2 products:

1. Universal Remote Device


(This will operate with Minimum 5 Light and 1 Fan or you can customize as per your requirement) Our products, apart from being user-friendly , also have proven track record to save energy and money. This product reduces standby current of all devices connected to it to 0(ZERO). The standby current to any devices connected is NIL.

All our remote switches are:

Sophisticated and Tested
Have unique signal code
Can adjust to fluctuating voltage conditions
Complete protection against electric shocks
Our ongoing efforts are planned to make sure that we will keep introducing new and latest products at affordable prices.
The advantages of our products:
Total shock proof (we need not touch the switch board as it operates with remote control).
Energy saving (reduce your energy bill by putting off lights, fans etc. with remote control when not needed).
1 Year Guarantee.
Operate through remote control as well as from main unit manually.
Manual Switch On / OFF Button to avoid any inconvenience if Remote is Lost/Misplaced/Damaged

Who can use this ?

Direct domestic customer
Interior Decorators
Educational Institutions
Commercial Establishments /Shops
Hotels & Resorts

2. Gas Safety Device

Gas safe product is totally safe product which can use in every house to avoid accident due to LPG gas leakage. It shows quantity of gas inside the cylinder so which it is very helpful to avoid inconvenience. It indicates the minor leakage (leakage in tube/stove) in our system within one minute. It stop itself the supply of LPG gas if there are any major leakage in tube or tube eaten by rat. If suppose your gas is on and tube burn at that time also it stops the supply and saves our life. If regulator blast happens then also it cuts the supply of LPG. This products have 5 yrs warranty with the insured amount of 30 Cr. Rupees.


Saves Gas
Low Level gas Indicator
Minor Leak Test Check Facility
Auto Shut-off facility on major leakage.
Minor leakage testing facility.
Saves up to 20% of gas.
Low gas Indicator.
Product Liability Insurance of Rs.30 Cr.
Easy Installation.

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